Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Absent by Crochet

I suppose I should make an apology.  Really, it would only be fitting. To just suddenly be absent from my bloggity blog, could easily be construed as rude.  Wait.  I can explain.  

You may remember this.  My innermost desire to learn the yarny craft of crochet.  Well, the yarn did fly. And the trusty book describing in word and diagram the common stitches necessary to mastering the art of crochetery has become dog-eared and worn.  My patience has been worn quite thin and despair has lurked around every treble crochet.  This story does, in fact, have a satisfactory, even happy ending.

An epiphany did occur. I can assure you Our Lady is adept at recognizing epiphanies. A dear reader was the instigator of said epiphany.  She related a similar experience with a nasty hook.  She reportedly took control and determined to hold her yarn as SHE desired.  Loosely.  "Hmmmm", said I.  And as I loosened my grip on my own yarn and the loop was easily pulled up and thence through the loops on said hook, I swear I did hear the angels sing.  

And so the crochet floodgates were opened.  I am as a woman possessed. Humble dishcloths, coasters, and yes, even a slightly irregular granny square have materialized as if by magic.  Oh the wonders the interwebs have provided in the way of any manner of patterns.  All provided free for the taking by kind souls I can only suppose have walked my path.  

Now the yarn lust spoken of by so many others does grip me.  I covet the different weights and textures and colors.  Oh, the colors.  I have confined myself to the purest of whites.  A color recommended for learning.  Now, this could get quite boring. And quickly.  However, white is also the perfect color for a few whimsical, quirky, spirit-lifting, wintery garlands.  I yarn over and slip stitch with this in mind.  I have only a few pieces so far.  A humble few soon to be joined by others and strung on a piece of lace to adorn a wall or a soffit.  To ward off the winter doldrums.   


Lola Nova said...

Your crochet is coming along beautifully! Thank you for your lovely comment over at my place.
I see that you mention that you are a maker of herbal remedies, me too, and The Engineer is from Kansas. It is a smallish world is it not?

Sherri B. said...

Your work looks great!!! There is no stopping you now. My hooks have been in hiding for quite some time now but after seeing the results of your obvious flying fingers it gets me an itching to tame the yarn again. I do want to thank you for your words of encouragement about starting my blog a few weeks ago. I have been getting up the nerve to post it and after seeing you meet your challenge head on and succeed, it made me do it tonight so I could tell you when I left a comment.
Thanks again for your kind words.

Sherri B. said...

thanks for being the first to comment on my new blog. There is a very charming blog you might like out of England. . She is really good about blogging almost daily but has just had a baby c-sec. so not so much right now. She loves to hook with very bright and happy colors. Have a great day.