Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Stitchiness

I love fun little tea towels. I love to embroider.  I love dancing crockery. Put all those elements together and I am sure you can understand why I am excited to have this little sweetie finished and in my kitchen.

I found the vintage pattern here courtesy of a swell gal with a great blog by the name of doe-c-doe .  She has oodles of these fab vintage patterns/transfers that she shares with all of us less fortunate stitchers. Just out of the kindness of her little heart. Her blog is full of all kinds of goodness.  

And because I always think if one something is good, two must be better, here is another little peek.

"What?", you may ask. "Surely that is not all you have for us today."  Indeed it is.  One very nice little bit of stitchiness.  There is a very good reason for this.  A very reasonable reason.  You see, it is "thrifting day" in the household of Our Lady. And it is time to be off. "Ahhhhh," you say.  Yes. I knew you would understand.


g said...

aww - your project came out so cute! I'm so glad you liked the pattern & stitched it up - I LOVE seeing what people do with the patterns I provide so I'm so happy you let me know, thank you :)

Sherri B. said...

I am so impressed with your stitchiness. Years ago I tried it and it is too painful to even remember or ever speak of again. Only my mother could say good words about it.
Thanks for your comment back to me the other day. I have gone back to my sad naked blog and am attempting to prepare it for its first big day in the real blog world. You are so at ease on your posts and your photo shots are great. I do enjoy the visit.

Our Lady of Perpetual Stitching said...

I continue to be most gratified by your kind words as regards my newborn blog, Sherri. I must admit I am enjoying the process immensely. I await the arrival of your own blogginess with a great deal of enthusiastic anticipation. As they say, "If I can do it, you most assuredly can."