Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sometimes the stars align in a fortuitous way, karma is kind and Fate smiles a big ol' toothy grin.  It is true that this convergence of all that is good happens infrequently and as a result is deliciously unexpected.  
Our Lady was the beneficiary of just such a convergence this past week.  On a thrifting excursion. Oh yes indeedy. The members of the Priory were sifting and searching and scouring our favorite charity thrift shop in the usual manner. In other words, no object was left unexamined. We are a thorough group.  I looked towards the back of the shop to see waving arms and hear much "Pssstt, psstt" noises coming from my two men.  We are also a conspicuous lot. I hurried towards them and as they stepped from in front of a shelf, I once again did hear the angels sing.  An even more angelic singing than the crochet incident.  There, on a shelf in a thrift store, found by my knowledgeable in the ways of thrifty finds guys, were two stacks of blue and yellow plates.  

These stacks of crockery did in fact give the appearance of being of the Fiesta ware type.  Upon further gleeful examination of every plate it was decided that Oh yes, this was a find. For this was not only true Fiesta ware, it was true Fiesta ware in very good condition. Fiesta ware that is safe to eat from. And MY colors. We grinned at one another and proceeded to count.  There were 11 dinner plates and 11 saucers.  Ignoring my aversion for uneven numbers we loaded them into a cart and hurried to check out. 
Here they are after a good sudsy hand-wash.They are now co-mingling with the other pieces already in the cupboard.  
I wish they would multiply.


Sherri B. said...

Dear Lady, What a great find!!! You don't come across one plate let alone a good size set like this. How special that your family got the thrill of spotting it first. I never get tired of thrifting...I tried to leave a comment last night but my new high speed service that was installed yesterday at the southern clothesline has my laptop giving me grief. I hope this will work this time. Have a good evening.

Floss said...

I'm envious - we had a Great Sideboard Disaster of 2006 and since then have had a very 'eclectic' (and sadly dull) collection of dinner plates. I have plans to turn it into a characterful and charming eclectic set but they aren't currently going anywhere... So, great find and good to meet you!