Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Family That Thrifts Together...

Our Lady is so lucky. Yes, indeed. I know many of you crafty, artsy, thrifty types reside in a household in which the other members may not wholeheartedly share your love for the thrift hunt. This is not my circumstance. Oh, no. To the contrary. Every member of The Priory does, in fact, enjoy a good thrifting trip. And so we set forth the past weekend in high spirits.
Each individual in the family, individual has their own thrifting agenda. Our interests and talents differ from one another and so we each have our eyes peeled for differing items. In other words, we rarely come to fisticuffs. On this particular trip we each returned happy, giddy even, with our plunder.
My man is a woodworker, a maker of pens. He is a focused, "man with a plan" thrifter. He has one weakness. Vintage ties. On this trip his tie addiction was satisfied.

Steampunk Boy has one mission. To make stuff. To make new stuff old again. And do it with gears and brass and machinery and, whenever possible, steam should be involved. On this trip an ancient clarinet caused the gears in his head to turn and churn with wild abandon.

As for me, vintage linens are my drug of choice. On this trip I did find some fetching hankies that may at some point see my embroidery needle. And this spread that, when I saw it, I knew I must have it around me always. Don't shake your head. You know exactly what I mean.

I also heard this little chest calling to me, asking to be taken to The Priory, to be freshened up, made different, made-over. Made WHITE. With royal blue drawer knobs. And the lonely, empty 
drawers full of beautiful linens again. We shall see.  
But I think we can all agree that it is the unexpected that thrills. This unexpected piece and I had an instant karma. An immediate understanding of one another. This piece and I are, as they say, simpatico. Clean, simple lines. Beautiful wood that asks for only a bit of attention. Oh so mod unblemished black leather seat. Brass legs begging to be polished. Our love was sealed when I spied the original delivery tag dated March,1966 stapled to the bottom of the seat.

And so The Priory is abuzz most evenings with a most industrious buzz as we all are happily at work on our most recent treasures. Rejuvenating, refurbishing, remaking.  

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Sherri B. said...

Love your thrift finds and I am also blessed with family that thrifts together. Mr. B. and I go often and find many things we really don't need but must have. I will be off in moments to see what treasures await me today. Have a great weekend.