Sunday, January 31, 2010

Granny, Granny Fo Fanny

Oh, so many reasons to feel giddy today.  A thrifting excursion resulting in the most glorious acquisition imaginable, the completion of a downright whimsical little garland which even now adorns a wall in my kitchen causing me no end of satisfaction, and my continued foray into the yarny world of crochetery.  More to follow in the days ahead concerning the thrifty acquisition and the garland.  Today I want to talk grannies. Of the square kind.
Whilst avoiding a mop and kitchen floor that needed introducing to one another, I came across this sign. I followed it to this bloggity blog which I feel certain many of you canny, blog surfing, yarny, crafty types are familiar with.
Besides being a blog chock full of gorgeousness as well as ever so helpful tips and tricks of the crafty sort, it seems there is a bit of a craft challenge.  In fact that is exactly what it is.  A challenge to make a granny square a day throughout the year 2010.  As usual, Our Lady is late to the party. Too much time spent touching up her lipstick and adjusting her wimple most likely.  Unlike a vow of chastity however, the rules of this craft challenge are a bit more...shall we say...loose.  You can read all about it here. 

I decided this might be a fun way to practice my newest addiction.  Joined by other addicts who can enthuse, emote and otherwise appreciate a year's worth of yarny, square delights.  Here is what I have so far.  A few little unassuming contributions to the granny challenge.  You best bounce on over and join in the granny frenzy.  


Sherri B. said...

Our Lady, I am looking forward to seeing your new treasures. Thank you for sharing the granny a day. This will be just the ticket for me to get my hook back out and on the road. Have a good night.

emosback said...

I like the colors you've got going!